Profile PictureMatt Fok - CEO & Founder of AI X Network & eZ-XPO

Matt Fok is a distinguished authority in artificial intelligence (AI)-driven digital transformation, business strategy, and the intricacies of digital partner networks. With an extensive background spanning more than two decades in technology, Matt has been a catalyst for groundbreaking advancements in enterprise applications and telecommunications, consistently delivering high-impact solutions on a global scale. Throughout his career, Matt has occupied pivotal roles as a Senior Product and Strategy Manager within Fortune 5000 behemoths such as IBM, Oracle, AT&T, and numerous pioneering entities in Silicon Valley. In addition to his corporate engagements, he has shared his wealth of knowledge as an Assistant Professor, enlightening students on the nuances of International Business and IT/Digital Transformation at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Matt is currently the visionary CEO and Founder of eZ-XPO and AI X Network, a trailblazing endeavor that spearheads a new era of Digital Transformation within Network Ecosystems. His brainchild leverages a virtual expo/conference platform and a novel network ecosystem strategy to facilitate seamless collaboration. Under Matt's stewardship, eZ-XPO's Virtual Collaborative Network platform and Partner Network Ecosystem model (completely devoid of silos) have played an instrumental role in empowering non-profit and for-profit industries. These innovative solutions enable them to forge connections among all stakeholders, generating sustainable revenues, enhanced traffic, and a surge in high-quality leads, all achieved at minimal or zero costs. The groundbreaking impact of Matt's leadership and eZ-XPO's transformative solutions has not gone unnoticed. eZ-XPO was honored with the accolade of being named one of the "Top 25 Most Innovative Companies in Events" by Event Tech Brief, a testament to Matt Fok's unwavering commitment to driving change through AI-powered digital transformation and network ecosystem strategy.


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AI Mastery Series: Unlock the Power of AI for Your Future

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