JumpStart Your Business with All-in-1 Hybrid Event and Work Guide

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How to JumpStart Your Business with All-in-1 Hybrid Event and Work

Are you a marketer, freelancer, or entrepreneur interested in looking for a new way to get more organic traffic/leads?

Hosting physical trade shows or conferences is extremely expensive, especially in a global pandemic crisis and high inflation situation. You have to worry about:

  • Finding a cost-effective venue that can accomodate
  • Dealing with the local government restriction if any health pandemic happens
  • Recruiting a team to deal with all in-person event logistics

What if there is a simple and cost-effective way that:

  • Does not have to deal with local complex logistics and expensive venues
  • Does not limit to any specific time and geographic locations
  • Does not limit to a one-time event, and can extend to ongoing live, and on-demand events

That is why I wrote a brand new guide called "JumpStart Your Business with All-in-1 Hybrid Event and Work".

Inside this guide, you will learn:

  • How to capitalize on the top Hybrid Events and Work trends for the new normal
  • How to fight inflation with the latest cloud-based hybrid event and work technology
  • Learn how you can turn both hybrid events and work activity into daily traffic engine
  • How to achieve the key benefits of launching a Virtual Expo Network for daily traffic and leads
  • How to build trust using virtual expo and conference
  • Plus, much more!

Get your copy today for just $19 $7!

For the PRO & PRO+, you will get a Hybrid Events & Work portal (60 to 90 Days) Trial -

  • Up to 10 Virtual Booths or Space for Event or Office
  • Up to 100 attendees
  • Unlimited Events
  • Unlimited Sessions
  • Virtual Lobby & Session Track
  • Virtual Hall for Trade Show & Virtual Office
  • Virtual Auditorium
  • Virtual Networking Lounge

About the Author:

Matt Fok is a leading expert in digital transformation, business strategy, and digital partner network ecosystem. Matt has over 20 years of technology experience in enterprise applications and telecommunication, delivering high-impact and global enterprise solutions. He has held as a Senior Product and Strategy Manager with Fortune 5000 companies such as IBM, Oracle, AT&T, and many innovative companies in the Silicon Valley.

He is also an Online Assistant Professor teaching International Business and IT/Digital Transformation at both undergraduate and graduate business levels.

Matt is currently the CEO and Founder of eZ-XPO, pioneering a new Digital Transformation Strategy for the patent-pending All-in-1 Hybrid Event and Work solution (All-1-Hybrid). The All-1-Hybrid empowers startups and companies to thrive in today's stagflation leveraging the Virtual Network Ecosystem for virtual expo/conference and virtual office for daily traffic/leads and higher SEO ranking.

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JumpStart Your Business with All-in-1 Hybrid Event and Work Guide

0 ratings
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